Journalists Program for Free Mobile Security with ChatMail on Renati

ChatMail   |   Sept 12, 2023

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Journalists Program for Free Mobile Security with ChatMail on Renati

The need for investigative journalists around the world to safeguard their location, contacts, and sensitive communications has become paramount. Privacy laws, like the proposed changes in the EU, threaten to undermine the safety and freedom of the press. Digital repression and surveillance make it critical to have end-to-end encrypted devices that don’t report users' whereabouts for monitoring and tracking. Equally critical is the need to block spyware and zero-click attacks.

These serious concerns prompted Myntex Inc. - creators of the security-focused Android™-based solutions ChatMail® and Renati OS™ - to provide 200 three-month licenses for free, exclusively to vetted journalists and their essential contacts.

Why ChatMail on Renati?

Privacy-enhancing apps that allow you to use third-party services don’t meet the stringent security requirements you need to lock down your phones hardware. ChatMail is unique compared to competitors in this niche. ChatMail is a custom productivity suite that allows users to make encrypted calls, chats, and notes, incorporating security enhancements like an encrypted camera, a private keyboard and Duress features.

Renati brings added resiliency to ChatMail, blocking Google Services, reporting and emergency services in the OS which share location information. With the extra protection afforded by the microservices architecture built for our in-house data center, ChatMail on Renati is a secure ecosystem that keeps user data from prying eyes with end-to-end encryption in transit and at rest.

Rigorous digital forensic testing confirmed ChatMail on Renati cannot be bypassed Before First Unlock or After First Unlock. No user-generated data could be extracted from the device, thereby ensuring the utmost data protection for ChatMail on Renati users.

The Impetus Behind the Program

Myntex recognizes the crucial role investigative journalists play in transparently uncovering the truth. Journalists are under attack around the world for telling these in-depth news stories. Just researching sensitive topics can put them at risk. By using ChatMail on Renati, journalists will be able to access a communication platform that meets their stringent security requirements, helping them protect their sources and confidential information.

Reporters Without Borders press freedom map highlights the plight of journalists around the globe.

By offering this free trial to investigative journalists, Myntex hopes to provide a respite from the threats they face as they fulfil a critical role. Additionally, for every program participant, Myntex will donate $100 to their choice of one of these five non-governmental organizations—Amnesty International; Citizen Lab; Forbidden Stories; International Center for Journalists; and Reporters Without Borders.

Aligning with these causes further highlights the commitment Myntex makes to advocate for everyone’s right to privacy. These organizations are dedicated to keeping journalists safe and protecting their rights to freedom of speech and expression.

Contributing in this way is how Myntex is answering the call on technology companies by UNESCO to “SUPPORT information as a public good … and the protection of journalists who are the victims or at risk of online attacks.”

Application and Eligibility

To qualify for one of the 200 three-month licenses, just as investigative journalists verify and assess information, Myntex will vet the credentials of those who apply to the program.

Participants are required to supply their own OEM unlocked compatible Google Pixel phone to run ChatMail on Renati seamlessly.

The application process is open until December 31, 2023, or until all licenses have been claimed, whichever comes first.

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply early to secure their spot in this pioneering initiative.