Own Your Identity with Encrypted Mobile Security

ChatMail® offers unparalleled mobile protection, securing your digital identity and communications with fortified Android™ devices, advanced end-to-end encryption, and private server hosting. It's the ultimate productivity suite for businesses and individuals, making your privacy a reality.

As cybersecurity threats grow more advanced, so should your mobile protection.

ChatMail's multi-layer integrated encryption safeguards your calls, messages, group chats, camera, and notes, keeping your confidential data secure. Custom device hardening protects against hardware exploits, so there's no way for hackers to bypass your locked phone's passcode and access your data.

Your mobile privacy isn’t a lost cause. It’s just harder to find. We can help.

Our proprietary design restricts some of the conveniences you’ve come to expect and accept with your personal smartphone. Access to the Google Play Store has been completely removed as we exclude third-party apps susceptible to malicious software, Pegasus, and ransomware. Internet browsing is removed, and GPS, USB, and Bluetooth are disabled, keeping your location private and preventing your device from being spied on, hijacked, or infected with a virus.

Security as a Foundation

ChatMail on Renati

ChatMail on Renati, our security-focused mobile operating system brings the benefits of proprietary security enhancements. Renati utilizes a fully scalable microservices architecture for instantaneous and secure bi-directional communications, eliminating Google Firebase. Renati protects your device from the moment you turn it on, with a custom Linux Kernel and tamper-proof Android Verified Boot, leaving nothing to chance.

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ChatMail on UEM

ChatMail runs on Android for Work (AFW) on our self-hosted instance of BlackBerry® Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) for off-the-shelf devices compatible with our software. Our extensive partnership is powered by their comprehensive end-to-end security features, and the ability to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of enterprise systems, suitable for organizations of all sizes.

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Encryption like never before
We're constantly updating our features to create a better ChatMail experience for you.

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