Encryption has never been easier to use.

Designing a better way to communicate. Powerful yet simple and easy-to-use interface gives you instant access to the strongest encryption algorithms available.


Encryption Protocols

ChatMail provides an integrated end-to-end encrypted messaging protocol. ChatMail’s instant messages are encrypted with CAMP, a protocol that ChatMail custom developed, inspired by the world’s leading cryptographers. CAMP stands for "ChatMail Advanced Messaging and Parsing Protocol".
CAMP encompasses both our PGP and Elliptical Curve Cryptography.

Key Exchange utilizes the Double Ratchet Algorithm which combines the cryptographic ratchet based on the Diffie–Hellman key exchange and a ratchet based on the the key derivation function.

  • DH Ratchet: Elliptic curve Diffie–Hellman (ECDH) with Curve25519
  • Message Authentication Codes: HMAC based on SHA256
  • Symmetric Encryption: AES-256 in Counter Mode (CTR)
  • Verification: Automatic verification is done with your public identity key

Redesigning the way you interact with Encryption

Secure communication should be simple, the more complex a platform becomes the easier it is for the user to make a mistake and compromise themselves. ChatMail’s design came from the need to simplify the users' experience while providing industry leading encryption.

ChatMail is the first in our industry to automatically identify both internal and external users. External users default to basic PGP encryption while internal users use Curve25519 with optional fallback to PGP encryption. Internal users receive added features; encrypted voice, pictures and self-destructing messages.

Adding a user to your contact list to start a conversation is a thing of the past. We have designed an automatic identity verification system to make it simple for the end user. No need for complex notaries or sitting down and manually verifying keys.

See for Yourself

ChatMail was developed with one thing in mind. Simplicity. See how easy it is to use by watching a quick demo.

Our Unified User Interface (UUI) gives you all the necessary tools you need to conduct safe and efficient business. Access your active conversations, contacts, notes and profile within a swipe of your finger.

Never Sacrifice

With multiple encryption algorithms and an easy to use interface our advanced features make for a seamless transition into the world of encrypted communications. ChatMail is changing the encryption industry by listening to what users actually want. With an ongoing feature release cycle and feedback from clients you can feel part of the ChatMail brand. If you would like to request a feature let us know and we can look at incorporating your idea into future releases.

Encrypted Backup & Restore

Fully encrypted backup of your notebook and contacts. Only you have access to the encrypted backup with the password you configured. Simple one step process and your contacts and notebook are restored with the password you configured.

Web Based Administration Portal

Distributors have full access to configure and deploy ChatMail encrypted devices. ChatMail’s advanced administration portal gives you unprecedented and simple to use access to licensing, account administration, remote wipes, transferring accounts etc.

No Server Storage

ChatMail is the first encrypted PGP email solution to support end to end encryption. Our email servers act as a relay for your encrypted communications. You no longer need to trust that the server is deleting your sensitive information. ChatMail does not store your sent or received messages.

Parsing Algorithm (PGP)

Our proprietary parsing algorithm transforms the way you look at encrypted PGP emails. Our parsing algorithm strips out all the unnecessary bits of a PGP encrypted email — subject lines, email signatures, etc. — and convert them to appear like a chat message.

Transparent KeyStore Access

You have full control over your encryption keys. You can generate new keys with the click of a button. Key cache has been designed so every 24 hours public keys are automatically fetched to make sure you never have an old public key.

Group Conversations

ChatMail’s custom designed group conversation technology allows for both group chat and anonymous group chat. You can select whether members are allowed to send voice, pictures and contacts. You can also set the group to expire after a certain period of time and optionally set a mandatory burn for every message sent.

Unified User Interface

One of a kind, custom designed user interface. ChatMail utilizes the latest in user experience design to bring a modern approach to the encryption industry. Modern, minimalistic and our intuitive design provides you with one of the most functional and powerful encryption software on the market today.

By preventing the need to constantly switch between applications, we can control the encrypted data in a secure containerized environment to further protect your sensitive information.

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