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ChatMail offers the strongest encryption available to protect your personal data and security.

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Industry leading encryption
Imagine that you want to tell someone a secret or maybe it's not even a secret, just a piece of information. You write it down and put it in a marked, sealed envelope addressed to the person you intend to tell. On its way, your note is opened by several organizations or individuals and the content of your note is duplicated and shared. Without your knowledge it may be sold, exploited and maybe even used against you. Seems unimaginable right? Well, that's exactly what happens every time you send or receive data on your smartphone. So how do you prevent this from happening? Make the switch to an encrypted ChatMail device.
ChatMail was developed to give businesses, individuals and organizations the ability to share information freely, safely and efficiently. We continue to work tirelessly to create a system that operates seamlessly, is intuitively designed and easy to use.
Don't assume that your privacy is protected, know that it is
ChatMail was built and designed from the ground up to address the growing concerns surrounding cyber espionage and privacy. ChatMail is not one of the many downloadable software applications available on an app store. We provide a complete privacy solution which includes a hardened mobile device with integrated end-to end encrypted communications.
We ensure all security aspects and concerns are addressed starting from the operating system, network infrastructure, software, data transmission and servers. Applications that you download and install on your smartphone cannot isolate themselves from software with malicious intent. Ignoring any part of the entire solution can have devastating effects and renders the security of a product obsolete.

Encryption like never before
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