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Encrypt your Personal and Business communications with our trusted ChatMail® mobile encrypted solution.

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ChatMail is an industry-leading mobile encrypted solution comprised of a custom-built app enabling private and secure communications on a locked-down Android device.

ChatMail ensures all your calls, messages, group chats, photos, and notes are encrypted – with additional advanced security features including tamper-proof, remote wipe and duress passwords.

ChatMail was developed to give businesses, individuals, and organizations the ability to share information freely, safely, and efficiently. Our mission is to provide privacy to the masses with an end-to-end encrypted solution that offers the strongest mobile security.

Don’t assume that your privacy is protected, know that it is.

Smartphones have become a one-stop shop for your data, giving sophisticated hackers tons of opportunities to target you through free encrypted messaging apps and secure smartphones where your messages, camera, microphone, and even your precise GPS location data could be exploited. Not with ChatMail.

ChatMail is more than an encrypted app. Our feature-rich communications suite and proprietary ChatMail Advanced Messaging & Parsing Protocol (CAMP) encompasses both our PGP and Elliptic Curve Cryptography, protecting your data in transit and at rest. You hold the encryption key. We use the toughest encryption algorithms available with AES 256-bit encryption, also known as military-grade encryption.

Access to the Google Play Store has been blocked as we exclude third-party apps, which are susceptible to malicious software, including Pegasus, ransomware, and more. We remove internet browsing and disable GPS, USB, and Bluetooth, which keeps your location private and prevents your device from being spied on, hijacked, or infected with a virus.

Security as a Foundation

Your data is one of your most valuable assets, so any information you choose to share, if intercepted, could cause irreputable harm to you or your company. Opting for a security-focussed phone like ChatMail does mean you will lose out on some smartphone features and services, but the real value comes from what you gain back – your privacy.

ChatMail is known for its incomparable security. Custom built upon the Android Open-Source Project, with proprietary software to eliminate exposure to vulnerabilities, your communications are instantaneous and fully supported. We self-host BlackBerry® Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), from our privately owned data center located at our Myntex headquarters in Canada - backed by our custom designed man in the middle DDoS Protection and Canadian laws that protect encryption.

We're making ChatMail even more secure with Renati, our security-focused mobile operating system in beta testing. Our goal is to make the world's most secure phone.

Encryption like never before
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