Who are you?

Within fifteen minutes, a hacker can tell you

Sophisticated methods allow them to easily bypass your locked phone's passcode and begin the process of extracting accessible data such as stored text messages, e-mails, photos, and instant messages including data that has been deleted. Once they have it, your data can then be viewed, saved, shared, filtered, searched and most importantly, extorted or sold.

For some the danger goes well beyond identity theft

Unauthorized charges to your credit card and online shopping accounts, a ransom demand or personal privacy abuse, the aim is to identify your location, contacts, and your mission objectives in order to expose, violate or stop you by whatever means they deem necessary.

ChatMail has one goal and that is to keep our users and their private communications safe from potential or urgent harm and abuse by the wrong people.

Can your organization afford a data breach?

Corporate data is the most valuable asset you own. Encryption is no longer just for businesses or individuals working on confidential projects. If you employ people who administer your data, you are vulnerable to a cyber threat or hacking incident, which can cost you a large amount of money to resolve and leave you vulnerable to negative publicity and loss of trust.

Most employees routinely carry and exchange internal and customer data that requires protecting. Unencrypted personal or company-issued phones are a major liability for businesses today. Data breaches occur when hackers infiltrate and retrieve usable information from Smartphones, which they leverage to their nefarious advantage.

ChatMail provides a state-of-the-art encryption solution that maintains employee productivity while ensuring your data is secure.

ChatMail provides a
state-of-the-art encryption solution that maintains employee productivity while ensuring your data is secure.

Finance & Banking
Customers rely on financial and lending institutions for essential products and services. They trust that their personal information and identity factors are confidential and secure. ChatMail protects against any anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of these records and eliminates the risk of harm and inconvenience to your customers and corporate reputation.
The energy and utilities sector is increasingly besieged by cyber threats, stemming from an expanding attack surface driven by geographical and organizational complexity. The 2023 Security Scorecard report reveals 90% of the world's top energy companies suffered a data breach through third parties. ChatMail on Renati eliminates Google Services and third-party dependency, protecting your C-suite's communications against future targeted incidents.
Pharmaceutical companies are prime targets for cybercriminals and nation-state-sponsored hacks due to their extensive supply chains, reliance on third-party processors, and intellectual property. In 2023, the healthcare industry reported data breaches costing $10.93 million on average per breach - noting phishing as the most used initial attack vector, followed by compromised credentials. ChatMail's design protects users by default with end-to-end encryption, automated message authentications and advanced device hardening.
Security & Defence
Citizens rely on national security and defence agencies to protect them both at home and abroad, which includes protection from cyber threats, warfare, and social engineering attacks. Recent national security incidents have verified the dangers associated with federal employees and contractors discussing classified and unclassified sensitive information via mobile phones. ChatMail is designed to protect federal employees and agencies, diplomats, and law enforcement from device interception at all times.
If you’re an activist, it is very likely you’re being monitored. Activism can be dangerous not just to your cause but to the people behind it. Frequently, peaceful protests happen in hostile territories and leaked documents, data, and information can lead to your safety and your cause being compromised. ChatMail security is designed to save lives and your mission from surveillance by governments, extremist organizations, counter-activists, data infiltration.
Journalists are at increased risk of facing state or societal surveillance, impeding their rights to freedom of speech and to safely and confidentially work with sources, and to unlock information about controversial issues within democratic or undemocratic, developed or developing societies alike.

Handle your business without people knowing your business