A Data Privacy Case Study for Legal Professionals

ChatMail   |   January 1, 2023

A Data Privacy Case Study for Legal Professionals

Law firms are among the businesses seeking trusted encrypted mobile solutions. The following is a dramatized case study of a typical ChatMail™ customer, created in recognition of Data Privacy Week, January 22-28.

You have the option to watch the AI delivery in the media player, or to continue reading the blog below.

An Overview of the Case

My business associates call me SilverChill. We only use our anonymous handle when communicating on our encrypted ChatMail phones. As a London-based barrister, it’s essential that I can speak freely and share confidential information securely with my colleagues.

Privacy is vital in this profession. We provide our high-profile or particularly vulnerable clients with encrypted devices to use throughout the entire legal proceedings. This gives our clients peace of mind and lets them confidently talk with us.

I have a client who has been harassed by a former intimate partner. The court imposed an Interim Stalking Protection Order during criminal investigations. I represent the plaintiff, whom I will refer to by the ChatMail username, LightningStrike.

Justifying the Investment

In addition to having a private phone for internal communications, it makes perfect sense to extend this security to our clients, like LightningStrike. Smartphone vulnerabilities can be a hazard for those involved in both criminal and civil court cases. A plaintiff who fears retribution needs to be protected from unwanted phone calls, text messages, and emails.

Then there’s the aspect of surveillance, which is of particular concern to someone like LightningStrike. This can be done by tracking the technology built into all mobile phones, which is why GPS is disabled with ChatMail. Bluetooth is also disabled, adding another level of security by removing the possibility of anyone eavesdropping on conversations.

The top three security and privacy-enhancing properties of ChatMail that my colleagues and I appreciate are:

  1. Being able to generate your own private encryption keys, which gives you discreet control
  2. Calling is crystal clear worldwide, whether using cellular data or VOIP on Wi-Fi
  3. All third-party apps and internet browsers are blocked, to protect you from exploits like Pegasus spyware or malware, which can be used to breach your data

What Makes Us Loyal ChatMail Customers

Confidentiality isn’t just good for our business, it’s a duty and obligation under both common law and data protection legislation in the UK. Having the ability to verify end-to-end encryption with ChatMail ensures our privacy is protected. I can see that my messages are encrypted, verified, and secured.

One feature I’ve used quite a bit is the 3-way anonymous group chat. This feature is useful when I want to include an associate in a conversation I am having with a client. The encrypted camera is great for sharing evidence. I take full advantage of the built-in notebook, which I can optionally back up securely.

Seeing is Believing

When my law firm wanted to know more about the company behind ChatMail, we reached out to Myntex Inc. and they invited us to their Canadian headquarters in Calgary. They walked us through a demonstration of their encryption with a live data extraction. We were able to get a clear picture of how this technology worked. Seeing how they manage their own private data center versus outsourcing to a third party, provided our IT team with the security validation we needed.

This level of transparency was unprecedented in our search for an encrypted phone provider – making our company’s decision to go with ChatMail unanimous.

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