Happy Fourth Birthday, ChatMail!

ChatMail   |   August 1, 2021

Happy Fourth Birthday, ChatMail!

We’d like to take a moment to wish ChatMail a happy birthday. We’ve come a long way since we sold our first PGP encrypted phone four years ago in Sweden. Now ChatMail is in use around the world!

Our solutions fill a crucial role in the high-speed telecommunications market. Our solution starts with a Zero Trust mindset, where we remove all potential cybersecurity risks from our devices and build our systems with true end-to-end security. Owning our servers, we were able to eliminate the need to store sensitive information, ensuring communications, notes and contacts remain protected. There is no back door into the ChatMail system, guaranteeing privacy through multiple layers of integrated safeguards using the strongest protocols available today. Whether you are a consumer or a global powerhouse, your data is safe with us. Nothing to hide is not the same thing as nothing to lose.

A shout out to our resellers for taking the time to learn about our solutions and for wholeheartedly supporting ChatMail phone encryption at the retail level. To our customers, who have made ChatMail your chosen secure phone to protect your digital privacy, we thank you for your ongoing patronage. You are the reason we strive to develop features, making ChatMail the best system available for your communication needs. Last but by no means least, we are grateful to our brilliant software designers and everyone on our team for making ChatMail the excellent product it is today.

Looking back at some of the infamous cybersecurity stories that have occurred over the last four years, here are a few examples of those who could have avoided becoming victims if they were using ChatMail.

Bezos Hack Via WhatsApp

When Jeff Bezos was the CEO at Amazon, in 2018, his phone was hacked after he used WhatsApp; the free communications platform now owned by Facebook. The offending message that triggered the attack reportedly came from Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman’s personal phone.

Bezos simply would have opened a message without knowing he had clicked on a malicious file which then infiltrated his phone. The malware was able to extract sensitive information from the phone, sending Bezos into reputational damage control.

As if that wasn’t enough, in 2019 the covers of Bezos’ personal life were pulled back to expose an extra‑marital affair when The National Enquirer published intimate details of their relationship, which followed a four month investigation and referenced text messages between the couple.

The Bezos story illustrates why it is important to have proper smartphone security with military‑grade encryption and a full suite of secondary privacy features. Unfortunately, when you use a free app your protection is equally worthless.

Half Billion Facebook Users Info Leaked

A major data breach in 2019 occurred on a low-level hacking forum, which resulted in 533-million Facebook users personal data and phone numbers being shared online.

Since many of the victims in this attack were using the platform for messaging, had they relied on our encrypted phone solution for their communications, instead of a free social media app, their privacy would have been preserved. ChatMail phones deliberately avoid facilitating third-party applications like Facebook for a reason — they are not secure.

What good is end-to-end encryption on a secure messaging platform if the business model it’s built on has inherent vulnerabilities, such as unencrypted backups? ChatMail is the best encrypted cell phone because we use multiple layers of varying types of cryptography, giving you control by creating your own private keys. With our own servers your privacy and security are guaranteed. We provide maximum mobile data security for your sensitive information, which is never saved on our servers. Our storage doesn’t have a backdoor and, unlike laws in many other countries, Canada doesn’t mandate companies to create one.

ChatMail phones are safeguarded with physical features to protect them from being broken into. Using a hardened system, our cell phone encryption software removes the risk to the attack surface with layered passwords and defenses, like remote wipe features and the elimination of unnecessary privileges to keep your data safe.

Pegasus, 2021

The most recent hacking scandal happened this past July. Lawyers, activists, and dissidents were apparently targeted in a covert phone surveillance operation after their numbers appeared in records from a massive phone data leak.

An Israeli company, NSO Group Technologies, developed the spyware known as Pegasus; selling the information it obtained to governmental clients. The spyware was able to access private data on the phone of a target and even turn the device into an audio or video recorder.

In total, the Pegasus spyware story involves over 50,000 phone numbers from 11 different countries, with more than 180 journalists on the list. The records used as the basis for the story were obtained by the nonprofit organization Forbidden Stories, which shared them with numerous media outlets.

These hacks and leaks, as well as countless others, could have been prevented with hardened mobile phone using military-grade encryption. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security with using a free app and the notion it must be safe if millions of people trust it.

Every victim of a leak wished they could have prevented it. With ChatMail you can. We build our privacy solutions with the utmost security available for data encryption and we’ve developed key features to make our phones easy to use.

We are always striving to ensure ChatMail provides the best encrypted cell phones on the market today. Thanks again to our customers, staff, and resellers who have helped us grow in our first four years. ChatMail will continue to keep you safe and secure with new solutions on the horizon.

We’re proud of where we are today and we can’t wait to reveal what we’ve been working on in the coming months. ChatMail Encrypted Calling is being readied for release followed by our custom Operating System. Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of these products!