Is Your Phone Being Monitored? Smartphone Security and Data Breaches

ChatMail   |   July 1, 2019

Is Your Phone Being Monitored? Smartphone Security and Data Breaches

A recent article published in Journalist Safety by Jorge Luis Sierra stressed the importance of encrypted mobile phone use among journalists, particularly foreign correspondents, working in high-risk areas or in repressive environments under corrupt leaders.

Sierra emphasizes spying as well as the loss and theft of mobile devices by the military, police, insurgent groups or criminal gangs are increasing professional liabilities that can have dire consequences to journalists themselves, their family members, and confidential sources.

One of the biggest safety risks facing journalists is electronic data theft that can only be averted by investing in a complete privacy solution, which includes a hardened mobile device with integrated end-to end encrypted communications.

If not, journalists need to be alert to the signs your cell phone is being monitored:

  • A significant drop in the volume of calls you receive, or if you have trouble dialing numbers.
  • The battery runs out more quickly than normal.
  • Your phone is hot even if you haven’t been using it.
  • You hold your phone to a speaker and the brief, sharp sound you hear lasts for several seconds.
  • The phone turned on when not in use
  • The phone makes unusual noises when you use it.

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