Mobile Security & The Price You Pay for Free Apps

ChatMail   |   September 1, 2019

Mobile Security & The Price You Pay for Free Apps

If you’re anything like us, you start your day by snoozing your alarm and then immediately checking your phone for messages, emails and other notifications. You take a quick look at the weather app and scan local traffic reports so that you’re prepared for the day ahead. While you’re deciding whether or not it’s worth bringing an umbrella to work, the apps you’ve opened that morning are already collecting, using and profiting off of your personal data.

Mobile Security and Your Smartphone

The truth of the matter is this: your mobile device is not designed to protect your data privacy and security. In fact, the “free” apps that you’ve downloaded are intentionally exposing you to an array of surveillance risks for their benefit. By accepting the ‘terms of use’ you’ve likely granted them unrestricted access to your personal information such as your location, search history, contacts, as well as saved photos and sms messages.

Maybe it doesn’t really bother you because you like that your device knows you including where you are and how long it will take to get home or receiving play-by-play stats about your favourite team. However, you should think twice about what you’re willing to give up for convenience, personalized notifications and access to chatting apps. Imagine handing your phone over to a complete stranger who eagerly searches through every text or email in your inbox, every picture you’ve taken and then sends the contents of your phone to another stranger. You may have nothing to hide, but it would still feel incredibly violating, disturbing even. Unfortunately, this is what happens every time you use an unsecured device.

The Truth About Smartphone Security

Many apps that are free to download turn around and sell all of your information to anonymous third-party companies and/or individuals for profit. And this is the biggest problem facing most mobile devices, we don’t really know who is seeing our private data or how they’re using it.

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