Reseller Spotlight Series: Astonphone

ChatMail   |   April 22, 2024

Reseller Spotlight Series: Astonphone

Introducing Astonphone, an established authority in physical and cyber security solutions, with a solid eight-year track record in the encryption communications industry. Based in the vibrant city of Madrid, Spain, Astonphone extends its services across Europe and Latin America. As a recent addition to our Authorized Distribution Partner network, Astonphone brings forth its extensive experience and expertise in privacy and security focused applications, enriching our collaborative endeavors with unparalleled depth.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the industry?

As tech keeps advancing, so do cyber threats, prowling for weak spots in organizational systems. Sure, there are tools out there to spot vulnerabilities, but these forensic tools are a double-edged sword, making our defense game tougher. No matter how secure you may think your systems are, there’s always someone looking to exploit it. As far as challenges go, there’s no shortage of threats, making arming remote teams with secure devices a constant hustle, as human error is the wildcard. With tech moving faster than ever, and the emergence of new threats such as AI-driven attacks and ransomware-as-a-service, maintaining resiliency is paramount.

Why did you opt to join forces as a ChatMail Partner?

We decided to partner up with ChatMail because we were drawn to their new mobile OS solution, which was a major departure from what we were using and what was currently available for deGoogled AOSP-based OS solutions. When we combined this with the fact that their datacenter is located in Canada, with stringent privacy laws and that they’ve been in the game for long time without a single major incident or data breach – it was an obvious choice. That kind of stability is hard to come by in this industry, and it’s something we value greatly.

Which industries do you primarily serve?

We cater to a wide range of clients, from big corporations to legal professionals, auditors, politicians, and government bodies. However, we’re committed to maintaining the privacy of our clients, so we don’t disclose specific information about them. What I can highlight is we're particularly attentive to the growing threat of state-sponsored cyberattacks and surveillance tools that can infiltrate smartphones, virtually undetectable, like Pegasus Spyware. These attacks are carried out by serious players, backed by big bucks and government muscle. They're targeting government agencies and public servants, exploiting vulnerabilities in security systems already strained by budget limitations and a shortage of cybersecurity expertise - it's a real wake-up call.

How do you provide value to your customers?

Our commitments extend to:

  • Providing a holistic risk management approach for our clients, leveraging our experience and partner network in physical and online security domains.
  • Delivering a forensically certified and scalable mobile endpoint communications solution through Myntex’s Authorized Partner Program, reselling ChatMail on Renati.
  • Remotely administering MDM (Mobile Device Management), from proper OS installation and implementation of security policies to device sourcing and account management.
  • Understanding and anticipating the needs and preferences of our client base, offering a deep understanding of the market, providing customized training and support, and going above and beyond to create lasting relationships.