Reseller Spotlight: SRIT Technology Limited – Elevating Customer Experiences Through Personalized IT Solutions

ChatMail   |   February 21, 2024

Reseller Spotlight: SRIT Technology Limited – Elevating Customer Experiences Through Personalized IT Solutions

Get to know SRIT, a valued ChatMail on Renati partner from a distinguished IT consulting and support firm based in London, England since 1985. With a commitment to providing personalized services tailored to the unique needs of small businesses, SRIT exemplifies excellence in IT support and system future-proofing, cloud computing, disaster recovery, more.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the industry?

The main challenge is the constant evolution of cyber threats targeting devices that have become essential in daily life. Adapting to ever-changing hacker tactics, addressing vulnerabilities in mobile operating systems and applications, and managing security across diverse mobile ecosystems are significant hurdles.

Why did you choose to become a ChatMail Partner?

Our thorough vetting highlights the solution’s uncompromising layered security protocols, anchored by a security-centric operating system that effectively counters forensic data exfiltration. In just over a year of partnership, we confidently endorse ChatMail on Renati as the foremost secure mobile solution in the market.

What industries are you targeting and why?

ChatMail on Renati is a perfect fit for solicitors, politicians, and governments. This realization became clear when our client, a prominent solicitor managing a high-profile law case, recommended the solution for secure group communications. The solicitor witnessed smartphone vulnerabilities firsthand in a criminal court case, where his plaintiff’s phone was targeted with phishing calls and text messages attempting to eavesdrop, and gain access. In another instance, the solicitor received a PDF attachment from the opposing law firm and upon opening it, they found malware.

My client's apprehensions stemmed not only from the initial targeted exploits but extended to broader concerns, encompassing the susceptibility of smartphones to commercially available surveillance tools. Faced with escalating risks, he tested ChatMail on Renati with his colleagues to secure all aspects of their communications. Subsequently, the firm has adopted the solution and likes the easy management and onboarding for new clients. It also demonstrates the firm’s strong commitment to privacy, setting them apart.

What is the biggest benefit of your partnership?

The Myntex owners are really approachable. When you have an issue, you know who to speak to and how to get support, and you have the confidence that it will be resolved. Overall, the incorporation of ChatMail on Renati and the insights gained from partner relations has supported our growth and enhanced our profitability.

What product features are a game changer for you?

The unparalleled security layers — its autonomy from third-party dependencies, and ChatMail’s track record of zero data breaches. Moreover, the specialized custom hardening of the device itself (BT, GPS, NFC, and Browsers removed) combined with its user-friendly interface proved to be an advantage we felt would withstand the scrutiny of our high-profile clients.

What are SRIT’s unique strengths?

Our commitment to an exceptional customer experience, tailored to meet the demands of our discerning premium clients, is backed by 43 years of industry expertise. We prioritize a personalized approach, ensuring each client feels like the sole focus. Our unique 15-minute response rule reflects our proactive stance, anticipating needs and making engagement effortless. By consistently earning trust and prioritizing customers' best interests, we ensure high-quality client growth. We offer competitive, high-quality products and services, strategically cross-selling when appropriate, and never compromising, understanding our customer’s needs, as privacy cautious customers ourselves.