Third-Party Applications Pose Security Risks

ChatMail   |   November 1, 2020

Third-Party Applications Pose Security Risks

Business leaders know all too well about cybersecurity risks. After so many high-profile victims, including leading politicians and multinational corporations, you’d have to be living under a rock not to be aware of the dangers.

Some companies have lost many millions of dollars and have seen carefully developed reputations shatter overnight. Even the world’s richest person is not immune to being the victim of embarrassing leaks. People who ought to know better aren’t taking security seriously.

If people who carry one device for everyday activities and another for secure work-related business are still getting hacked, what does ample security look like? Put another way, what is the point of carrying a separate device for business if it can still be hacked?

Please keep reading to learn more about the vulnerability posed by third-party apps, even the ones that claim to offer “end-to-end encryption.”

Hackers Can Side-Step “End-to-End Encryption”

A hacker has one simple goal: to get a hold of your sensitive information. Whether they accomplish this by decrypting encrypted files or obtaining them through some other vulnerability is irrelevant, so long as they obtain private data that can be used against you.

In the case of Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, in 2018, he received an encrypted WhatsApp message, which contained a malicious file from the personal account of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman (MBS). The Guardian reports it was “highly probably” an infected video caused the breach.

Within hours, large amounts of data were exported from Bezos’ phone. However, the “hack” only became public knowledge months later. Then, the US tabloid the National Enquirer published intimate details of Bezos’ life, including text messages.

Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post, and political experts suspect MBS tried to get leverage over Bezos to obtain favourable coverage. There could be different motivations, but whatever they are, the fact remains that a third-party app with “end-to-end encryption” is what presented the hackers with the opening they needed.

Phones with encrypted third-party apps are still security risks.

ChatMail Features Beyond Encryption

To be sure, ChatMail offers industry-leading military-grade encryption, but we also offer many other features designed to protect you and keep your communications private. ChatMail offers a comprehensive encrypted phone solution that fills in any gaps beyond end-to-end encryption.

    1. Tamper Proofing

ChatMail’s Tamper Proofing feature allows users to set an optional duress password. Even if an identity thief or hacker were to somehow obtain your phone, your sensitive data would be instantly destroyed.

Only authorized people can access the device. In addition to such anti-theft protection, users can remotely wipe the phone.

    2. Self-Destructing Messages

Now, you can set any text message, picture, or voice note to self-destruct. Such content will be destroyed on both devices after an amount of time you can determine. The content will be destroyed, even if the device isn’t connected to the internet.

Users can’t favorite, forward, or save content that is set to self-destruct.

    3. Notebook Lock Screen

ChatMail doesn’t store any cached image data. Our platform delivers the best image quality with the smallest file size.

No Data Stored on Servers

ChatMail’s proprietary design ensures that your confidential information can’t be compromised. Our servers act strictly as a rely system. Every message is encrypted, and our redesigned PGP email system makes storing your emails on a server unnecessary.

our emails and other communications will be hermetically sealed against hackers. The encryption can’t be penetrated, and all other vulnerabilities have been accounted for — our proprietary CAMP protocol results in no server storage or rosters.

ChatMail is the only system in the world which encrypts messages on the phone itself, in addition to offering end-to-end encryption.

Say “No” to Third-Party Apps

There is no shortage of innovative third-party apps, but there’s always a cost behind free apps they don’t tell you about, and your company will suffer if you learn the price too late.

Many companies have begun to install free apps like WhatsApp, YouTube, and Wickr. How can apps make money by offering users free services? If it sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is.

Whatever attractive features these apps offer, so long as they are on your device, there is increased personal and financial risk. The only way to ensure there isn’t any opening whatsoever is to say “no” to third-party apps.

ChatMail is Designed for Ease of Use

In the past, leading encryption tools were too complicated for everyday users to operate. Thankfully, that is no longer the case. Our platform is designed so that anyone can enjoy industry-leading encryption technology.

ChatMail offers the best mix of world-class security and simple functionality. ChatMail users don’t have to switch between apps because the features they need are all available in the same place.

Here is a partial list of the secure and convenient features ChatMail users will have at their disposal:

  • Group Chat with full functionality including voice, picture, and urgent messages
  • Anonymous Group Chat with full functionality, including voice, picture, and urgent messages
  • Custom ChatMail camera for encrypted photos
  • Secure backup and restore of notes and contacts
  • Encrypted Notes
  • Blocked Contacts
  • Message Expiry (Burn)

The platform is intuitive for anyone to use, so you don’t need specialized knowledge to operate your phone securely.

Had Jeff Bezos been using an encrypted phone from ChatMail, rather than a smartphone loaded with WhatsApp, he’d have saved himself an enormous amount of humiliation and grief. It’s easy to see why business leaders are interested in apps that may indeed have powerful and impressive features, but it’s also easy to see that they’re underestimating the danger these apps pose.

Don’t assume that an app offering “end-to-end encryption” means you are completely invulnerable to hackers. It doesn’t matter how secure the third-party app claims to be: simply having a third-party app is the risk! ChatMail believes in pushing encryption technology forward by ensuring every aspect of your communication, from the device itself to the server hosting, is just as secure. Communicate safely today by relying on smartphone security you can trust.

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