WhatsApp and one of its Many Security Pitfalls

ChatMail   |   May 1, 2019

WhatsApp and one of its Many Security Pitfalls

In 2016, messaging giant WhatsApp seemingly raised the bar for data protection, privacy and secure messaging apps by implementing end-to-end encryption into their platform. Users were assured that their text messages were now not only simple and fast but also secure and untraceable. According to their website, they state that they guarantee security “for all messaging and calling on Whatsapp so that no one, not even us, has access to the content of your conversations.” However, just earlier this year, it was discovered that significant flaws continue to lay beneath the surface of the downloadable app, putting its users at risk.

The Promise of a Secure Messaging App

WhatsApp recently launched a software update that not only allows but invites hackers to read (and potentially exploit) user’s private messages. Marketed as a “perk” - the App has added free, auto backups as a feature, allowing users to recover accidentally deleted data. However, backups, especially ones such as these that are hosted either on Google Drive or iCloud break the fundamental principles of encryption as it means that messages and private information are being sent and stored to a third-party location. Users are at the mercy of their cloud provider to keep their data safe but this will not and cannot ever be assured. By backing up your WhatsApp data, your messages and photos are no longer impenetrable as the service’s end-to-end encryption has been severely undermined.

The Answer to Smartphone Security

Unlike WhatsApp - ChatMail is a fully encrypted phone that doesn’t save or store your data within our servers or on a cloud. With our proprietary design, your confidential information can never be compromised. We’ve completely removed server storage of sensitive data from the equation, so you can be assured that your contacts, notes, emails, and encrypted messages are continuously protected and secured.

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