Meet the demand with ChatMail.

We have one goal and that is to continuously optimize the user experience by ensuring our product is not only competitive but the easiest to use, most intuitive, and luxurious device available today. Our product can only be purchased through approved retailers, which is why we go to every effort to ensure our partnership is inclusive, streamlined, and profitable.

Become a partner

Join a community of recognized encryption software leaders and provide your customers with a service that combines freedom, security and profitability

Consumer demand for secure communication is predicted to triple over the next five years as the public learns cyber attacks and data breaches are occurring with increased frequency around the globe to everyday people, major corporations, and federal agencies alike.

We offer above and beyond support

Once you become a ChatMail partner, we ensure that you're given all the tools you need for success

Sample Product

Each Reseller receives a complimentary encrypted ChatMail device, giving you a hands-on approach to sampling our product and service. You'll also have early access to all of our new features and optional beta program.

Training Services

We offer thorough one-on-one sales coaching to our partners, improving your knowledge and understanding of both the industry and our product, while collaborating with you to develop effective marketing, promotional, and sales strategies.

Sales Support

As a ChatMail partner you'll be awarded competitive wholesale pricing, customer referrals (as we do not sell directly to consumers), no minimum order requirements, and no upfront costs. You'll have access to a fully automated Reseller portal, which includes marketing materials and a ChatMail email address.

Customer Support

To ensure premium customer satisfaction, we frequently offer new feature updates, a 99.9% server uptime and an incredibly fast application process. We value your feedback. If you or your customers have feature suggestions, you can let us know and we will often incorporate it into our development process/timeline.

Partner Portal

Designed to keep you in control and simplify the management of your customers. Our administration portal gives you an advanced and easy to use platform to configure ChatMail encrypted devices. Some features include: activating accounts, username transfers, ordering SIM cards and supplies, remotely wipe a user and securely process payments.

Distributors can access the platform by connecting to a private VPN. With access anytime, anywhere using a variety of devices including iOS, Android, Mac, Linux and Windows. The administration portal offers a quick and convenient way to request new features, access marketing materials, create sub-resellers and view announcements.

Certified Executive Partner

Our Certified Executive Partners (CEPs) work directly with our head office, they accept new distributor applications for their region, deliver marketing material, and portal access to new distributors. CEPs provide technical support as well as providing continued education on the latest encrypted products and upcoming features.

Distribution Partner

Distributors work collaboratively with our Certified Executive Partners. They are responsible for the distribution of our current product line and resells them to retailers and large commercial customers. Distributors also provide technical support and after-sales services to their retailers and customers.


Retailers purchase goods from our distributor network and sell our products in smaller quantities to end-user customers at the suggested retail price.